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Leaching potential of phenylurea herbicides in a calcareous soil: comparison of column elution and batch studies


The transfer of eleven phenylurea herbicides through soil columns was investigated in laboratory conditions in order to determine leaching properties in a calcareous soil. Elution curves with distilled water were plotted after herbicide application on the soil column. Phenylurea retention by the soil indicating interactions with soil can be classified as follows: fenuron < fluometron ≤ isoproturon = monuron < metoxuron < monolinuron < metobromuron < chlorotoluron < linuron = diuron < chlorbromuron. The number and nature of halogen atoms on the phenyl ring had an important influence on leaching. Retention was higher for molecules with higher number of halogen, and it was also higher for bromine than chlorine. Column elution experiments were compared to batch experiments from which the distribution coefficients K d were determined. According to Kendall correlation coefficients, parameter m/m 0max from column experiments was relatively well linked to K d. In case of phenylurea, a linear relationship between K d and m/m 0max was established.

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This research is part of the AQUAL CPER Program. It was financed by the Conseil Général de la Marne, the French Ministry for Research, and the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER). We are grateful to the “Conseil Général de la Marne” for a grant to J.L.

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