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An Apparatus for Tensile Testing of Engineering Materials


We develop a novel apparatus and an associated test protocol to measure the tensile response of materials. The apparatus allows testing of ring-shaped specimens, fibre yarns and tapes of arbitrary length; it can be employed to conduct experiments at different strain rates and in different environmental conditions. The technique is tested at low rates of strain on several materials, including carbon fibres, metals, polymers and ceramics; the tensile responses measured with the new apparatus are compared to those obtained from conventional measurements and found to be in good agreement with these.

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We acknowledge the funding from the Royal Society of London (proof-of-concept project grant RG130267) and from the Ministry of Defence [dstl] (Technical partner Phillip Duke). We are grateful to DSM Dyneema for providing test materials and useful discussions; we are indebted to the staff in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial (R. Hutchins, J. Meggyesi, S. Del Rosso) for assistance with testing and instrumentation.

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  • Mechanical testing
  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Fibres