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Strain Localization in Mild (Low Carbon) Steel Observed by Acoustic Emission - ESPI Coupling during Tensile Test



Two strain localization modes: the Piobert-Lüders band propagation and the development of necking, were investigated in uniaxial tensile tests for a low alloyed and low carbon steel. These two macroscopic localization phenomena were simultaneously monitored by speckle interferometry (ESPI) and acoustic emission (AE). The coupling of these two experimental techniques gives complementary information about strain localization features and mechanisms. For Lüders bands, it was found that the acoustic activity heard during the travel of the Piobert-Lüders band varies in closely correlated to the tensile force fluctuations, the relations between strain rate, band velocity, band width and plastic strain were investigated. Although the strain rate in the wake of the wave front is not always zero, the acoustic activity remains concentrated in the wave front itself. For necking, the acoustic activity is found to decrease regularly through the homogeneous plasticity stage and the diffuse necking stage and then increases when the localized necking starts, while ESPI patterns show a gradual strain concentration.


Piobert-Lüders band Necking Strain localization Electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI/DSPI) Acoustic emission (AE) Tensile test 


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