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Characterization of Laser Generated Lamb Wave Modes after Interaction with a Thickness Reduction Discontinuity Using Ray Tracing Theory

  • A. Balvantín
  • A. BaltazarEmail author
  • P. Rodriguez


The effect that a circular discontinuity (due to thickness reduction) in an Aluminum plate has on the direction of Lamb wave propagation was experimentally and theoretically studied. Broadband Lamb waves were generated by a pulsed Nd:YAG laser and optically detected with a photo-EMF detector to increase spatial resolution. The experimental results show that thickness reduction modifies the time of flight (TOF) for S0 and A0 vibration modes and generates a change in direction of the ultrasonic Lamb wave. The change in the TOF as a function of distance and thickness reduction was numerically determined using ray theory and then compared to experimental results. It is shown that the change in the direction of propagation depends on the vibrational mode and frequency of the Lamb waves and this can affect the detection and characterization of a hidden discontinuity.


Lamb waves Laser-generated ultrasound Photo-EMF detection Ray tracing theory 



This work was sponsored by CONACYT grant SEP-CONACYT 58951.


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  1. 1.Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Program, CINVESTAV, Unidad-SaltilloRamos ArizpeMéxico
  2. 2.INAOE, A.P.51PueblaMéxico

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