Erratum to: Metabolomics (2017) 13:81 DOI 10.1007/s11306-017-1214-y

The original version of article unfortunately contained mistakes. The top portion of Fig. 1 had overlapping text and the second author name was spelled incorrectly. These mistakes are now corrected through this erratum.

Fig. 1
figure 1

The Lipid network method. a Input list of lipids with OPLS-DA model scores. b Depicts the web server that contains scripts and the lipidomic network, in which node colours green, dark blue, orange, red and white respectively correspond to glycerophospho-lipids, sphingolipids, diglycerides, enzymes and specific reactions. c Derived subset of lipid metabolism linking the input perturbed metabolites; metabolite, reaction and enzyme nodes are respectively represented by rectangles, triangles and ellipses; input metabolite nodes are respectively coloured a brighter shade or green or red depending on the extent to which their levels have been elevated or decreased, or blue if they correspond to nodes introduced during the subset retrieval; the borders of enzyme nodes are shaded blue or red respectively to depict the extent of positive or negative Relative Importance Score (the sign corresponding to the increase or decrease in enzyme activity). d The list of retrieved enzymes ranked by Relative Importance