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The year in review: highlights of the Metabolomics Society in 2014

  • Mark R. Viant

As the science of metabolomics has continued to grow throughout 2014, the Board of Directors of the Metabolomics Society, working alongside the international community, has further expanded the benefits provided to its members. The highlights of 2014 include the growth of the Society’s conference program, new activities by the Early-career Members Network (EMN) to support the development of scientists at the start of their professions, the continued expansion of our international affiliates program to build strong links between the Metabolomics Society and national organizations, and the creation of Task Groups to coordinate international activities to tackle and solve scientific challenges in metabolomics. This news section describes these highlights as well as other related activities, and hints at the expectations for 2015.

Metabolomics Society conferences

The delivery of an exceptionally high quality international conference forms a central pillar of the Metabolomics Society...

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