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Metabolomics Society Board election 2014: introduction of the new officers and directors

  • Warwick Dunn

The Board of Directors of the Metabolomics Society is a dynamic group of volunteers who support the society’s mission and contribute to the operation of the society. Each year a number of Directors complete their term of service and an election open to the society’s membership is held to choose their replacements. The current Board of Directors would like to thank Don Robertson, Kazuki Saito and Christoph Steinbeck, whose terms ended in September 2014, for their significant contributions to the society. Significant thanks go to Mark Viant whose term on the Board, including the last 2 years as President, ended in September 2014. Mark has introduced significant changes in the society’s structure (including the development of the Early-career Members Network) and enhanced the benefits provided to Society members. According to the Society’s bylaws, these colleagues are eligible to stand for re-election in the future.

In the election held during July–August 2014, eight positions were...

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