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Metabolomics across the globe


This article highlights some of the larger and more recent metabolomics activities which are funded and organised at local (mostly national) level. While being just a snap-shot, and far from exhaustive, the details clearly illustrate the extent to which metabolomics has already become established and integrated in both basic fundamental and more applied research covering a wide range of organisms. Many national (service) centres for metabolomics already exist and additional ones are envisaged.

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We are grateful to all those people who quickly provided information on activities in their local areas. These were: Kazuki Saito and Masaru Tomita (Japan); Ute Roessner (Australasia); Mark Viant (UK-RC, together with Mike Beale, Jules Griffin, Jeremy Nicholson and Dave Watson); Andy Nicholls (UK-MPF, together with Roy Goodacre and Jules Griffin); Merlijn van Rijswijk (Netherlands); Catherine Deborde, (France). We also apologize to all those who, for lack of space, have been missed out. Please let us know if you would like to be included in a follow-up article!

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