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Table 2 FDI and foreign companies’ attraction in the Czech and Hungarian innovation policies

From: Innovation Policy Challenges in Transition Countries: Foreign Business R&D in the Czech Republic and Hungary

  Czech Republic Hungary
Major institutions Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
1965–1999 National Committee for Engineering and Development
2000–2004 Ministry of Education
2004–2006 National Office for Research and Technology controlled by the Ministry of Education
2006–2008 NORT controlled by the Ministry of Economy
Legislation 2002—Act 130/2002 Coll. on the Support of Research and Development from Public Funds 2003—Act on Research and Technological Innovation Fund
2005—Innovation Act
Indirect incentives 2005— deduction of tax base 2005—Innovation Tax, deduction of tax base
Strategies 1999—Action Plan for Supporting the Competitive Ability of Czech Industry
2000— National Research and Development Policy 2005 - National Innovation Policy
2004–2006 Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise
2007–2013 Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation
1999—Innovation Strategy for Competitiveness
2000— Science and Technology Policy
2004–2006 Operational Programme Economical Competitiveness
2007—Innovation Strategy
2007–2013 Operational Programme Economic Development
Direct R&D related FDI attraction 2003–2008 Framework Programme for the Support of Technology Centres and Centres of Business Support Services 1999–2002 High-Tech Equipment Program
Programs for university cooperation EU structural funds financed programmes:
2004–2006 sub-programmes INOVACE (innovation) and KLASTRY (clusters)
2007–2013 sub-programmes SPOLUPRACE (cooperation), INNOVACE (innovation) and POTENCIAL (potential)
1999–2005 Cooperation Research Centres
2005—Regional Knowledge Centres, Focus Sector Innovation Program
2007–2013 Structural Funds