Using Economics Podcasts to Engage Students of Different Learning Styles

  • Rebecca L. MorylEmail author
  • Shuyi Jiang
Research Note

Preliminary results from an assessment of the use of economics-themed podcast listening in introductory economic courses indicate that students with auditory/verbal learning styles improve their understanding and application of economic concepts more than students with other learning styles. Literature has considered the role of student learning styles in student performance in introductory courses in various disciplines (e.g. Thomas et al., SIGCSE Bull, 2002). Others have considered in a nondiscipline-specific context the impact of teaching style compared to student learning style on student performance (e.g. Lopus and Hoff, The Journal of Private Enterprise, 2009).

Recent research focuses on the use of podcasts to enhance online learning (Bollinger, Supanakorn & Boggs, Computers & Education, 2010; Caladine, Enhancing e-learning with media-rich content and interactions, 2008) and on the use of podcasts of instructors’ live lectures to supplement online and real time courses (Copley, In...


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