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A retrospective study to evaluate the CT and MR imaging findings of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma affecting the jaw bones



To explore the CT and MR imaging findings of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) involving the jaw bones.


Gnathic NHLs were retrospectively analyzed in 52 patients. The imaging findings were observed from the lesion number, location, size, shape, margin, density and signal intensity, CT value, bone structure change, and soft tissue mass.


Of the 52 subjects, there were 43 with solitary gnathic NHL, and 9 with multicentric gnathic NHLs. The maximum diameter of all the 72 lesions ranged from 1.5 to 9.5 cm (mean 4.6 ± 1.67 cm). Of the 72 lesions, 90.3% were identified as irregular shapes, 87.5% as ill-defined margins, and 76.4% as homogeneous densities and signal intensities. The osteolytic destruction was found in 84.7% lesions, cortical disruption in 84.7%, and no periosteal reaction in 93.1%. The soft tissue masses surrounding the gnathic lesions were shown in 93.1% lesions. On MR imaging, the gnathic NHLs (18 lesions) showed as iso-signal intensity on T1WI, slightly higher signal intensity on T2WI, and high signal intensity on DWI. After contrast media administration, 83.3% lesions showed slightly homogeneous enhancement on T1WI.


On CT and MR imaging, gnathic NHLs usually reveal as osteolytic lesions with irregular shapes, ill-defined margins, homogeneous densities and signal intensities, and surrounded by soft tissue mass. Some gnathic NHLs are characterized by multicentricity, which is important for indicating the condition.

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This study is granted by Shanghai Yiyuan Xinxing funding scheme for young medical talents training (funding number: [2021] No. 99).


This study was funded by Shanghai Yiyuan Xinxing funding scheme for young medical talents training (funding number: [2021] No. 99).

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YL and YW made substantial contributions to the conception, design of the work; the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data; the creation of new software used in the work, and drafted the work, revised it critically for important intellectual content. PW and QY approved the version to be published and agreed to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.

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All procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional and national) and with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2008 (5). This retrospective study was approved by the local hospital ethics committee.

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