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Table 1 Compared variables between the Nomad Pro 2 and the Heliodent Plus (according to [9]; mandatory criteria for bite wing imagesa)

From: Image quality of a portable X-ray device (Nomad Pro 2) compared to a wall-mounted device in intraoral radiography

Variable Dichotomic scale
Complete imaging of diagnostically relevant structures with as little geometrical distortion as possiblea Yes/no
Display of the periodontal gap and the lamina dura Yes/no
Display of the periradicular bone structure Yes/no
Display of the alveolar crest Yes/no
Display of the pulp cavity and root canals Yes/no
Display of the entire dental crown including the proximal regiona Yes/no
Overlay effect on relevant structures Yes/no
Receptacle voltage ≥ 60 kilovolts (kV)a Yes/no
Nominal focal spot value ≤ 1.5a Yes/no
Size of the radiation field at the end of the tube ≤ 60 mm diametera Yes/no
Blanking to film format, if possible and reasonable Yes/no
Distance from tube end to focus ≥ 200 mma Yes/no
Image receiver dose ≤ 200 μGya Yes/no
Spatial resolution: ≥ 5 line pairs/mm [11]a Yes/no