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Reverse direction-based surrounder queries for mobile recommendations


This paper proposes a new spatial query called a reverse direction-based surrounder (RDBS) query, which retrieves a user who is seeing a point of interest (POI) as one of their direction-based surrounders (DBSs). According to a user, one POI can be dominated by a second POI if the POIs are directionally close and the first POI is farther from the user than the second is. Two POIs are directionally close if their included angle with respect to the user is smaller than an angular threshold 𝜃. If a POI cannot be dominated by another POI, it is a DBS of the user. We also propose an extended query called competitor RDBS query. POIs that share the same RDBSs with another POI are defined as competitors of that POI. We design algorithms to answer the RDBS queries and competitor queries. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithms can answer the queries efficiently.

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  1. D c A = 22, E d A = 35, G e A = 43.

  2. a r e a(c 1, c 2) is short for a r e a(c 1(p, q),c 2(p, q)).

  3. For simplicity, the nearest POIs, p 1 and p 2, are not shown in Figure 7.



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This work is supported by National Key Technology R&D Program in 12th Five-year Plan of China (No. 2013BAI13B06). This work is also supported by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. FRF-TP-15-025A2). This research was partly supported by KAKENHI (16H01722, 26540043).

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