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An Applicable Data Quality Model for Web Portal Data Consumers


Web portals have emerged as an important means by which to access data on the worldwide. The people that use these applications need to ensure that the data recovered is suitable for the task at hand. That is, they need to know the level of quality of the data obtained. This paper introduces the PoDQA (Portal Data Quality Assessment) tool which implements PDQM, a Portal Data Quality Model, which is centered upon the data consumer perspective. Thus, the measurement of data quality is carried out by using the point of view of data consumers. Our work aims to fill the lack of specific proposals for the DQ evaluation in Web portals and tools that put these proposals into practice. The paper illustrate how PoDQA tool works and how it can be used by data consumers in order to, for example, discover the data quality of a specific web portal. PoDQA also suggests several corrective maintenance activities for users who are interested in the improvement of the data quality of their Web portals.

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