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A Novel Ultra Wideband Antenna Design and Parameter Tuning Using Hybrid Optimization Strategy

Wireless Personal Communications Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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In a communication system, ultra-wideband (UWB) is the most promising solution because of its high speed, high data rate, and short-range communication. However, the UWB systems facing many difficulties like designing an appropriate antenna for a particular bandwidth and lower antenna efficiency. Also, the message transmission speed and data rate of the UWB antenna are necessary for better communication. According to this reason, a novel ‘A’ shape UWB antenna is designed and the Hybrid Ant Colony African Buffalo (H-ACAB) model is developed for optimizing the antenna parameters. Initially, a novel ‘A’ shaped UWB antenna is designed using geometric parameters such as dielectric constant, patch length, and patch width. Moreover, the antenna parameters like gain, bandwidth, return loss, directivity are optimized using the H-ACAB method. The antenna designing and implementation is done with the use of MATLAB and the antenna parameters are calculated. Hence, the attained results are compared with recent related approaches and the results prove the effectiveness of the proposed model by attaining high efficiency, large bandwidth, and high gain.

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