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Design of Compact D-shaped Frequency Reconfigurable Slot Antenna for Ku/K Band Applications

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Wireless Personal Communications Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, a new compact design of frequency reconfigurable slot antenna is presented. The proposed radiating patch consists of two symmetrical D shape slots and incorporates four PIN diodes with two stubs which cover a small dimension area of 8.6 × 6.0 × 1.6 mm3. The ground plane is modified by etching two parallel rectangular slots to enhance the bandwidth and design parameter of the antenna. RF pin diodes are used as a switching mode in the slotted D section of the patch which affects the electrical length of the slot antenna, therefore switchable frequency response is obtained. The antenna produces four dual-band states and twelve triple-band states among the sixteen states of diode configuration. The designed antenna resonates at six different resonating frequencies such as 17.4 GHz, 17.5 GHz, 18.9 GHz, 19.0 GHz, 24.9 GHz, and 25 GHz and covers the wide range of frequency from 17.2 to 25.5 GHz which makes it applicable to function at the Ku and K band applications. Simulation of an antenna is done by Ansys HFSS 17.0 software. The results of the simulation show that the antenna has achieved a stable radiation pattern with an appreciable gain of 10 dB, peak directivity 4.26 dBi, peak gain 5.66 dBi, and a maximum bandwidth of 1 GHz with 98% radiation efficiency at these operating frequency bands.

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