RETRACTED ARTICLE: Power Budget Analysis of an Ultra-Dense Coherent MB-OFDM WDM Metro-Access Networks

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The power budget (PB) of an ultra-dense wavelength division multiplexing virtual-carrier helped coherent-detection multi-band orthogonal frequency division which multiplexes metro-access network with 10.7 Gb/s per client and per band, with groups divided by 3.125 GHz, is surveyed numerically, for channel spacings of 12.5 GHz and 25 GHz. In the light of the findings, the PB ranges between 14.8 and 20.5 dB. It was found that the minimum PB, on one hand, enables an optical distribution network (ODN) splitting ratio of 16 with standard single mode fiber (SSMF) reach of 13 km. The maximum PB, on the other hand, enables an ODN splitting ratio of 64 with SSMF reach of 12 km.

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  • Multi-band OFDM
  • Ultra dense WDM
  • Power budget
  • Nonlinearity