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, Volume 101, Issue 2, pp 931–941 | Cite as

Slot Antenna Array with Integrated Filter for WLAN Application at 5.2 GHz

  • Anuj Kumar Sahoo
  • Ravi Dutt Gupta
  • Manoj Singh Parihar


This paper deals with the design of a \(2\times 2\) Integrated Filter Antenna array working at 5.2 GHz for IEEE 802.11a WLAN application. The filtering action is incorporated into the conventional antenna array, rendering enhanced selectivity and sharper gain roll-off than the conventional approach. An equivalent circuit model is extracted to validate the working of the proposed design. Fractional band width of \(3.0\%\) around 5.2 GHz (ranging between 5.15 and 5.31 GHz) and maximum gain of 11.11 dBi is obtained through this design.


Antenna array Chebyshev filter Integrated Filter Antenna (IFA) Slot antenna Q-factor 



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  1. 1.PDPM-Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and ManufacturingJabalpurIndia

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