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Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things


In order to better apply the intelligent environment quality monitoring system based on Internet of things to indoor environment monitoring, sensor technology, computer technology, wireless communication and the Internet are combined through the Internet and sensors. With the Internet of things technology, a monitoring system based on Internet of things and networking is established to provide remote indoor environment information monitoring service for users. Taking ZigBee as the core to build the system, real time acquisition and monitoring for indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and other environmental information are realized by using relevant sensors. In system design, serial port is taken as the main channel for information exchange between ZigBee chip and ARM development board. The ARM processor connects the information to the Internet, and users can check the information collected by the system through the internet. The design of the system adopts the method with simplified design, which narrows the system structure. The different hardware composition is replaced according to different functional requirements. Therefore, the connection of more devices can be realized so as to realize the real Internet of things.

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The authors acknowledge Research on Key Technologies of laying hens welfare and intelligent feeding management (Grant CN201704), Baoding science and technology research and development guidance project (Grant 15ZN006).

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