Improving Cache Effectiveness Based on Cooperative Cache Management in MANETs


In wireless mobile Ad Hoc networks, cooperative cache management is considered as an efficient technique to increase data availability and improve access latency. This technique is based on coordination and sharing of cached data between nodes belonging to the same area. In this paper, we studied the cooperative cache management strategies. This has enabled us to propose a collaborative cache management scheme for mobile Ad Hoc networks, based on service cache providers (SCP), called cooperative caching based on service providers (CCSP). The proposed scheme enabled the election of some SCPs mobile nodes, which receive cache’s summaries of neighboring nodes. Thus, nodes belonging to the same zone can locate easily cached documents of that area. The election mechanism used in this approach is executed periodically to ensure load balancing. We further provided an evaluation of the proposed solution, in terms of request hit rate, byte hit rate and time gains. Compared with other caching management schemes, the simulation results show that the proposed CCSP scheme improves significantly the cache effectiveness and the network performances. This is achieved by improving data availability and reducing both overall network load and latencies perceived by end users.

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  • Mobile Ad Hoc networks
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