DECH: Equally Distributed Cluster Heads Technique for Clustering Protocols in WSNs


Recent research works focus on the development of wireless sensor networks, leading to the arrival of new protocols. One of the goals of a routing protocol is reducing the power consumption. Clustering techniques are used in routing protocols to increase network lifetime and reduce network overhead. Major clustering protocols like LEACH, TEEN, DEEC and DSBCA randomly select nodes or cluster heads to initiate the clustering process. Here we propose a new pre-clustering technique that improves the life time of WSN and also increases the throughput. The proposed technique has been implemented on the above said protocols, which equally distributes the randomly triggered nodes or Cluster Heads based on link cost. The simulation results show that the stability period, network lifetime and throughput of the selected routing protocols have been improved using DECH technique.

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  • Routing protocols
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Cluster heads
  • Clusters
  • DECH