An open source smart home management system based on IOT


Systems which can utilize the energy efficiently have been of much interest due to its promise to mitigate the energy crises. Internet of Things (IoT), i.e. the intercommunication of machines for an effective delivery of services with minimal human intervention, can form the basis of such systems. IoT based systems are gaining popularity due to the availability of high-speed mobile networks coupled with cost effective, accessible and fast embedded hardware. In this paper we propose an IoT based smart home management system using sensors, actuators, smartphone, web services and micro-controllers. The paper offers interoperability with exceptionally reliable connections. The system architecture takes care of the scenario where the devices are turned off when they are not in use. Being an entirely open source framework, a more deterministic control of security features can be attained by the user. Unlike existing frameworks, the proposed architecture makes the IoT system completely available via internet and open source systems. Finally, the implemented prototype demonstrates a flexible platform that can be extended to cater to changing needs.

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