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Optimization of Process Parameters for the Production of Inulinase from a Newly Isolated Aspergillus niger AUP19


Fifty strains were isolated from different soil samples on synthetic medium containing inulin as a sole carbon source for the production of extracellular inulinase. Of them, five isolates showed high inulinase activity and one of them was selected for identification and medium optimization studies. The isolate was identified as Aspergillus niger. Various physical and chemical parameters were optimized for inulinase production. Maximum productivity of inulinase (176 U ml−1) was achieved by employing medium containing 5% (w/v) inulin, galactose as additional carbon source, corn steep liquor and (NH4)H2PO4 as nitrogen sources, incubation period of 72 h, incubation temperature of 28 °C, pH 6.5, inoculum load at 10% (v/v) level and medium volume to flask volume ratio of 1:20 (v/v) with indented flasks.

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