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Contribution of Water-Insoluble Organic Nitrogen to Nitrogen Deposition on a Forest: a Case Study in a Red Pine Forest on the Northern Foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan


The observations of rainfall, throughfall, stemflow, and aerosols were conducted at a forested site on the northern foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan. The aims of this study were to understand the deposition fluxes and processes of the water-insoluble organic nitrogen (WION) from the atmosphere to the forest canopy and floor. The deposition flux of the total nitrogen (TN) that includes all nitrogen species to the forest floor was 1.944 mgN m−2 day−1 on average. The contribution of the WION to the TN deposition flux was about 29%, which suggests the importance of the WION for discussing the nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere to forests and the nitrogen cycle in the forest ecosystem. The estimation by a canopy budget model indicated that the dry deposition of aerosols on the canopy was the most important process for the WION deposition.

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Data Availability

The datasets generated during and/or analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.


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This study was financially supported by the Mitsubishi Foundation, ESPEC Foundation for Global Environment Research and Technology, and Kurita Water and Environment Foundation.

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