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Distribution of Redox-sensitive Elements in Bottom Waters, Porewaters and Sediments of Rogoznica Lake (Croatia) in Both Oxic and Anoxic Conditions


Geochemical, mineralogical and sedimentological analyses were carried out to contrast two different sites (respectively characterized by permanently oxic and anoxic conditions) in a small, meromictic, seawater lake. In fact, due to relatively high organic matter content, and reduced water exchange, the Rogoznica Lake has almost permanent anoxic conditions below the depth of 12 m, where sediment can be considered an anoxic–sulphidic sedimentary environment. Different water column and sediments redox conditions affect the distribution and speciation of major redox-sensitive metals (Fe, Mn, Mo), reduced sulphur species (RSS) and dissolved organic C (DOC). Trace metals, especially those that accumulate in anoxic–sulphidic environments (Fe, Mo) showed a marked enrichment in the solid phase, whereas the low solubility of sulphides leads to low porewater concentrations. The relatively high sedimentary enrichment of Mo (up to 81 mg/kg) also confirms highly anoxic conditions within the Rogoznica Lake sediments. Results clearly show that chemical species within the sediments will tend towards equilibrium between porewater and solid phase according the prevailing environment conditions such as redox, pH, salinity, DOC.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Sciences, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia. Many thanks are due to Željko Kwokal for diving assistance, to Neda Vdović and Željko Grahek for their help during analyses. Authors are indebted with Nena Mikac, George R. Helz and anonymous reviewers for their valuable discussions and comments that improved the manuscript.

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