Ridzi, Frank & Doughty, Margaret: Does Collective Impact Work? What Literacy Coalitions Tell Us

Lexington Books, London, 2017, 261 pp.
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The book Does Collective Impact Work? is an analysis of community coalitions that aim to promote literacy in the USA, where “32 million adults can’t read” (p. 5). Literacy problems are central, especially during childhood, since they seem to be connected with juvenile delinquency, early school leaving, educational performance and subsequent socio-occupational insertion. Various estimates have shown that child education generates a beneficial return, both by reducing the costs associated with crime and incarceration, and by the impact of high-quality training programs in the preparation of workforce and, indirectly, in the national economy. Several community social problems can be positively impacted by literacy (pp. 6–10).

However, this is not a book about literacy. As recognized in the very introduction, “Literacy is simply a backdrop context within which we are exploring an emergent social phenomenon of collective impact community coalitions” (p. 11). Community coalitions are...


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