Butcher García-Colín, Jacqueline (Ed): Generosidad en México II: Fuentes, cauces y destinos

Editorial Porrúa, México, 2017, 350 pp.
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In September 2017, one of the most devastating earthquakes in its recent history hit Mexico. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake caused serious material damage and 369 deaths. Citizens organized spontaneously to respond to the catastrophe. Many participated in the removal of debris and delivery of food. Such behavior epitomizes the potential of the Mexican society for solidarity and mutual help. They are examples of community capacities that emerge in adverse circumstances, such as natural disasters. It is almost paradoxical that they occur in a context with an incipient philanthropic culture; with little institutional development of organized voluntary action; in a climate of distrust, and sometimes conflict, from civil society toward the government; and in a complex legal environment, which poses great operational difficulties for nonprofit organizations. Objective evaluation of donations, volunteering and philanthropy in Mexico is hence not only relevant but also necessary.

The book Generos...


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