Björn Bjerke and Mathias Karlsson: Social Entrepreneurship: To Act as if and Make a Difference

Edward Elgar Publishing, Celtenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA, 2013, 208 pp, £58.50, ISBN: 9781781006979, eISBN: 9781781006986
  • Maria-Carmen PanteaEmail author
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Concepts from the semantic field of social, civic, and public entrepreneurship are often used, celebrated, and rarely examined comparatively. This is a book that takes the time to delve in more detailed conceptual analysis. The volume is the product of a research project led by Björn Bjerke at Linnaeus University and financed by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation.

The book is structured on nine chapters and four appendices. The first five chapters are largely theoretical discussions of main concepts. The last four are broader analyses that look into issues of local governance, community development, and the role of social capital in (social) entrepreneurship. The authors start by considering two major orientations in understanding social entrepreneurship: the narrow, economic view (often referred to as ‘the American approach’) and the broad meaning (the so called ‘Scandinavian perspective’) (Chapter 1). The authors position themselves as adhering to the second, broad position which...

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