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Complete genomic sequences and comparative analysis of two Orf virus isolates from Guizhou Province and Jilin Province, China


Orf virus (ORFV, species Orf virus) belongs to the typical species of the Parapoxvirus genus of the family Poxviridae, which infects sheep, goats, and humans with worldwide distribution. Although outbreaks of Orf have been reported sequentially in several Chinese provinces, the epidemiology of Orf and genetic diversity of ORFV strains still needs to be further characterized. To further reveal the genomic organization of the ORFV-GZ18 and ORFV-CL18 isolates, the complete genome sequences of two recently obtained ORFV isolates were sequenced using the next-generation sequencing technology and analyzed, which had been deposited in the GenBank database under accession number MN648218 and MN648219, respectively. The complete genomic sequence of ORFV-CL18 was 138,495 bp in length, including 131 potential open reading frames (ORFs) flanked by inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) of 3481 bp at both ends, which has genomic structure typical Parapoxviruses. The overall genomic organization of the fully sequenced genome of ORFV-GZ18 was consistent with ORFV-CL18 genome, with a complete genome size of 138,446 nucleotides, containing 131 ORFs flanked by ITRs of 3469 bp. Additionally, the overall G + C contents of ORFV-GZ18 and ORFV-CL18 genome sequences were about 63.9% and 63.8%, respectively. The phylogenetic analysis showed that both ORFV-GZ18 and ORFV-CL18 were genetically closely related to ORFV-SY17 derived from sheep. In summary, the complete genomic sequences of ORFV-GZ18 and ORFV-CL18 are reported, with the hope it will be useful to investigate the host range, geographic distribution, and genetic evolution of the virus in Southern West and Northern East China.

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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 31672554), the Scientific and Technological Project of Jilin Province (Grant No. 20200402052NC), and a program supported by Jilin University for the Excellent Youth Scholars (Grant No. 419080520316).

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