Wuhan large pig roundworm virus identified in human feces in Brazil


We report here the complete genome sequence of a bipartite virus, herein denoted WLPRV/human/BRA/TO-34/201, from a sample collected in 2015 from a two-year-old child in Brazil presenting acute gastroenteritis. The virus has 98–99% identity (segments 2 and 1, respectively) with the Wuhan large pig roundworm virus (unclassified RNA virus) that was recently discovered in the stomachs of pigs from China. This is the first report of a Wuhan large pig roundworm virus detected in human specimens, and the second genome described worldwide. However, the generation of more sequence data and further functional studies are required to fully understand the ecology, epidemiology, and evolution of this new unclassified virus.

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We are grateful to Zymo Research Inc, Illumina Inc., Sage Science Inc., Promega Biotecnologia do Brasil Ltda, for the donation of reagents for this project.


Adriana Luchs is funded by FAPESP #2015/12944-9, and Antônio Charlys da Costa by FAPESP #2017/00021-9. This work was also supported by FAPESP #2016/01735-2 and CNPq #400354/2016-0.

Author information




AL and ACC conceived the study and designed the study protocol. FAPM, RB, and MART participated in the conduct of the study, collection, and screening of the specimens. SCVK, DG, ECS, and ACC performed the deep sequencing assays. EL, XD, ED, and ACC analyzed the big data. EL conducted the phylogenetic analysis. AL and ACC analyzed and interpreted the data. AL drafted the manuscript. All authors critically revised the manuscript for intellectual content and approved the final version. AL and ACC are guarantors of the paper.

Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Adriana Luchs or Antonio Charlys da Costa.

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Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Ethical approval

Previous Ethics Committee approval was granted by Adolfo Lutz Institute, São Paulo, Brazil (CEP 965.723; CTC 45G-2014), Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (CAAE: 53153916.7.0000.0065), and Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas—ULBRA (CAAE 53153916.7.3007.5516). This was an anonymous unlinked study, and informed consent was not required according to resolution 466/12 concerning research involving humans (Conselho Nacional de Saúde/Ministério da Saúde, Brasília, 2012).

Additional information

Accession number The complete bisegmented genome sequence of WLPRV/human/BRA/TO-34/2015 strain has been deposited in GenBank under accession numbers MG746618 (segment 1) and MG746619 (segment 2).

Edited by William Dundon.

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  • Virus discovery
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Metagenomic
  • Wuhan large pig roundworm virus
  • Brazil