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Proteomic analysis of A-549 cells infected with human adenovirus 40 by LC-MS

  • Ana Carla Peixoto Guissoni
  • Célia Maria Almeida Soares
  • Kareem R. Badr
  • Fabiola Sousa Ficcadori
  • Ana Flávia Alves Parente
  • Juliana Alves Parente
  • Lilian Cristina Baeza
  • Menira Souza
  • Divina das Dores de Paula CardosoEmail author


Human Adenoviruses (HAdVs) are etiological agents of different syndromes such as gastroenteritis, cystitis, ocular, and respiratory diseases, and infection by these viruses may cause alterations in cellular homeostasis. The objective of the study was the proteomic analysis of A-549 cells infected with HAdV-40 using LC–MS. At 30 h of infection, the quantitative analysis revealed 336 differentially expressed proteins. From them, 206 were induced (up-regulated) and 130 were suppressed (down-regulated). The majority of up-regulated proteins were related to energy, cellular organization, stress response, and apoptosis pathways. It was observed alteration of cell metabolism with increase of the glycolytic pathway, β-oxidation, and respiratory chain. Also, the results suggest cytoskeleton reorganization and apoptosis induction. The data can improve knowledge about the replication of HAdV-40 in cell culture considering the proteins related to distinct metabolic pathways induced by viral infection in A-549 cells.


Human adenovirus A-549 cells Proteomic analyses 



This work was supported by Pronex announcement MCT/CNPQ/FNDCT/FAPEG/MEC/CAPES/PRO CENTRO-OESTE nº 031/2010, Process nº 563998/2010–5.

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Ethical statement

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Federal University of Goias (protocol 136/12).

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  • Ana Carla Peixoto Guissoni
    • 1
  • Célia Maria Almeida Soares
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  • Kareem R. Badr
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  • Fabiola Sousa Ficcadori
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  • Ana Flávia Alves Parente
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  • Juliana Alves Parente
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  • Lilian Cristina Baeza
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  • Menira Souza
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  • Divina das Dores de Paula Cardoso
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    Email author
  1. 1.Human Virology Laboratory, Institute of Tropical Pathology and Public HealthFederal University of GoiasGoianiaBrazil
  2. 2.Molecular Biology LaboratoryInstitute of Biological Sciences, Federal University of GoiasGoianiaBrazil

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