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Genetic diversity of fusion gene (ORF 117), an analogue of vaccinia virus A27L gene of capripox virus isolates


The fusion gene (ORF 117) sequences of twelve (n = 12) capripox virus isolates namely sheeppox (SPPV) and goatpox (GTPV) viruses from India were demonstrated for their genetic and phylogenetic relationship among them. All the isolates were confirmed for their identity by routine PCR before targeting ORF 117 gene for sequence analysis. The designed primers specifically amplified ORF 117 gene as 447 bp fragment from total genomic DNA extracted from all the isolates. Sequence analysis revealed a significant percentage of identity among GTPV, SPPV and between them at both nucleotide and amino acid levels. The topology of the phylogenetic tree revealed that three distinct clusters corresponding to SPPV, GTPV and lumpy skin disease virus was formed. However, SPPV Pune/08 and SPPV Roumanian Fanar isolates were clustered into GTPV group as these two isolates showed a 100 and 99.3 % identity with GTPV isolates of India at nt and aa levels, respectively. Protein secondary structure and 3D view was predicted and found that it has high antigenic index and surface probability with low hydrophobicity, and it can be targeted for expression and its evaluation to explore its diagnostic potential in epidemiological investigation in future.

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The authors thank the Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar for providing all the facilities to carry out this research work and to staff of pox virus laboratory, Division of Virology, IVRI, Mukteswar for their help and technical assistance. Authors also thank Joint Director, CADRAD, IVRI for regularly sending clinical samples to the Division of Virology for viral disease diagnoses.

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All the authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Correspondence to Gnanavel Venkatesan.

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M. Dashprakash and Gnanavel Venkatesan contributed equally.

Edited by Joachim Jakob Bugert.

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  • Capripox virus
  • Fusion gene
  • PCR
  • Sequence analysis
  • Phylogenetic tree