Content-based artwork recommendation: integrating painting metadata with neural and manually-engineered visual features


Recommender Systems help us deal with information overload by suggesting relevant items based on our personal preferences. Although there is a large body of research in areas such as movies or music, artwork recommendation has received comparatively little attention, despite the continuous growth of the artwork market. Most previous research has relied on ratings and metadata, and a few recent works have exploited visual features extracted with deep neural networks (DNN) to recommend digital art. In this work, we contribute to the area of content-based artwork recommendation of physical paintings by studying the impact of the aforementioned features (artwork metadata, neural visual features), as well as manually-engineered visual features, such as naturalness, brightness and contrast. We implement and evaluate our method using transactional data from, an online artwork store. Our results show that artwork recommendations based on a hybrid combination of artist preference, curated attributes, deep neural visual features and manually-engineered visual features produce the best performance. Moreover, we discuss the trade-off between automatically obtained DNN features and manually-engineered visual features for the purpose of explainability, as well as the impact of user profile size on predictions. Our research informs the development of next-generation content-based artwork recommenders which rely on different types of data, from text to multimedia.

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    Our collaborators at UGallery requested us not to disclose the exact dates when the data was collected.

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    To obtain the weights for the different methods, we initialize the coefficients based on the individual performance (concretely, Recall@10) of each method and then we iterate with a grid search, each time narrowing the weight search space in a greedy fashion. The performance tend to converge after two to three iterations.


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This research has been supported by the Chilean research agency Conicyt, under Fondecyt Grant 11150783, and partially funded by the Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data (IMFD). We also acknowledge the help from Felipe del Río and Domingo Mery, who helped us frame some evaluations and provided us with some interesting ideas for future work.

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  • Artwork
  • Recommender systems
  • Content-based recommender
  • Hybrid recommendations
  • Metadata
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