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Impact of dietary supplementation with Echinacea purpurea on growth performance, immunological, biochemical, and pathological findings in broiler chickens infected by pathogenic E. coli


This study is aimed to appraise the impact of dietary supplementation with Echinacea purpurea (EP) in broiler chickens infected by pathogenic E. coli. Eighty-one-day-old chicks of both sexes, commercial Hubbard chicks, were divided into 4 groups. The first was kept as normal control, the second was supplemented by EP (5 mg/kg feed) from the first day to the end, where the third was infected orally by 1 ml E. coli O78 at 107 CFU intra-crop at 7 days old, while the last group was supplemented by EP and infected by the E. coli O78 as previously described . E. coli-infected chicks disclosed severe symptoms with mortality 30%. Where, the infected and EP supplemented group showed less clinical symptoms and 15% mortality. EP-supplemented groups showed a significant improvement in their body weight in comparing with infected group. E. coli-infected chickens revealed a significant drop in lymphocytes’ number with a significant elevation in monocyte and heterophils with non-significant changes in total leucocyte count when matched with gp. (1), while the fourth group revealed non-significant changes in total leucocyte with a significant drop in heterophils and monocyte and a significant elevation in the lymphocytes matching with the 3rd group. Serum biochemical markers of liver, kidneys, and immunological parameters showed sever adverse alterations associated with E. coli infection. Dietary supplementations with Echinacea purpurea improve the final body weight and immune response of non-infected chicks and have a respectable effect for facing E. coli infection. EP improves hematological and serum biochemical adverse effects occured by E. coli infection. Histopathology of liver, kidneys, intestines, and spleen confirms these alterations.

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