Table 6 List of medicinal plants identified as ethno-veterinary for treatment of livestock ailments

From: Ethnobotanical knowledge of pastoral community for treating livestock diseases in Somali regional state, eastern Ethiopia

Scientific names of plant Family Local name of plants Growth form Diseases treated Parts used Form used Method of preparation Dosage administered/route of administration Livestock type
Berberis lyceum Royle. Berberidaceae Shifowayne Sh CCPP/cough Root Dr Chopped with water 1 l, oral Camel, cattle, goat, and sheep
Paederia foetida L. Rubiaceae Carmo’sageer Sh Wound healing Root Fr Roots Chopped with water Wash for the injured part for three to four times, topical Camel, cattle, goat, and sheep
Trichilia spp. Meliaceae Malmal T Ectoparasites (ticks) Seed Dr Chopped with water and extract Wash external parasite few days, topical Camel, cattle, goat, and sheep
Indigofera amorphoides Jaub. Fabaceae Duqus H Bloating Seed Fr/dr Crushed with water 0.25 l, oral Cattle
Acalyph indica L. Euphorbiaceae Shunfax/salid H Diarrhea Leaf Dr 0.25 kg of leaves powders mixed in water given orally Camel
Aspharagus racemosus Mill. Liliaceae Dhiiga dumarka H Bloating Rhizome Dr Rhizome powder mixed with water 4–5 pieces of rhizome, 2 cups, oral Camel
Olea europeae L. Olearaceae Dhaqabka T Diarrhea Leaf Fr Leaves were chopped and mixed 1 cup given, oral Goats
Euphorbia abyssinica Euphorbiaceae Cir wisiisi Sh Evil eye Leaf and root Fr Crushed and mixed with water and drink 0.25 l, oral Sheep/goat
Malva neglecta Wall. Euphorbiaceae Qalan Sh Body swell Root Fr Chopped with water 1 l, oral Camel
Aloe trichosantha Berger. Aloeaceae Daqalsa H CCPP/cough Leaf, stem, and root Fr Fresh parts were chopped and juice given 2 cups, oral Cattle
Azadirachta indica Juss. Meliaceae Geed hindi T Body swell Leaf, stem, and root Fr Extracts mixed with water and salt Depends on type, oral Cattle, camel, and goat
Syzygium cumini L. Myrtaceae Wiyiil T Diarrhea Leaf, stem, and root Fr Stem bark juice given twice a day 1 l, decoction Camel
Pueraria tuberose Will. Fabaceae Lalayas Sh Kidney problems Leaf and root Fr Crushed leaf or root extract given orally Depend type of size, decoction Camel and cattle
Rumex nervosus Polygonaceae Barartiire H Eye problems Root Dr Root powder used to heal wound 2 spoons, topical Goat
Mallotus philipennsis Lam. Euphorbiaceae Dibbaw H Hayna bite Leaf, stem, and root Fr/dr Liquid juice over the wound Wash the wound Camel
Nicotiana tobacum Solanaceae Jiic H Body swell Leaf Fr Leaves crushed with water 2 cups, nasal Cattle and camel
Euphorbia geniculate Euphorbiaceae iin H Skin diseases Root Fr Roots grounded and extract juice 1 l, polish over the skin Camel and goat
Aloe spp. Aloaceae Dacar Sh Snake bite Root Fr Chop with water and wash 1.5 l, topical Young camel
Vernonia amygdalina Asteraceae Calyocad T Internal parasite Leaf, stem, and root Fr Chop with water and given orally 2 cups, oral Camel, cattle, and sheep
Lawsonia inermis L. Lythraceae Calyodhig T Diarrhea Root Fr Grounded fresh root mixed with camel milk 1 cup, decoction Cattle
Acacia oerfota Fabaceae Xiiga Sh Kidney problem Leaf, stem, and root Fr Parts were grounded and mixed with water 1–2 cups based on size, decoction Cattle
Senna alexandrina Mill. Fabaceae Jaleelo Sh Internal parasite Leaf Dr Mix powder with water and drink 2 cups, oral Cattle, goat, and sheep
Solanium hastifolium Hochst. Solanaceae Kariir Sh Rabies Root Fr Crush root bark with water 2 cups, decoction Camel
Senna italic Mill. Fabaceae Jaleloo Sh Rabies Leaf Dr Dried leaf powder 0.50 l, decoction Goat and sheep
Mentha longifolia L. Lamiaceae Xabakadi Sh Diarrhea Root Fr Roots were boiled and given to cattle 2 cups, oral Camel
Butea monosperma Taub. Fabaceae Dhaqab T Diarrhea Leaf Fr Leaves were crushed with water 1 l, oral Cattle
Balanites aegyptiaca Balanitaceae Geed dhqii T Diarrhea Root Fr Grounded root juice 1 l, decoction Goat
Cyperus rotundus L. Cyperaceaea H Fever/shivers Root Fr Root crushed and juice given orally 2 cups, oral Cattle and goat
Ruta chalepensis L. Rutaceae Taltan H Wounds on skin Leaf Fr Leaves grounded with water Wash twice a day, topical Cattle and goat
Zinger officinale Rose. Zingiberaceae Singibill H CCPP/cough Rhizome Fr/dr Rhizome crushed 1 cup/0.50 l, nasal/decoction Sheep/goat
Calpurnia aurea Benth. Fabaceae Dhekat Sh Internal parasite Leaf Fr Crushed leaves mixed with water 1 cup, oral Sheep
  1. CCPP contagious carpine pleuropneumonia, H herb, Sh shrub, T tree, Fr fresh, Dr dry