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Table 3 Corrected OD values (ODcorr) and percent positivity values (PP) of TWD1–3 from SVANOVIR® BCV-Ab test

From: Molecular and phylogenetic characterization of bovine coronavirus virus isolated from dairy cattle in Central Region, Thailand

Sample name ODcorr a PPb Interpretation
TWD1 1.277 84.570 Positive
TWD2 1.820 128.124 Positive
TWD3 1.771 124.674 Positive
  1. aThe optical density (OD) values in well coated with BCV viral antigen are corrected by subtracting the OD values of the corresponding wells containing the control antigen. ODCorr = ODBCV − ODControl
  2. bAll corrected OD values for the test samples as well as the negative control are related to the corrected OD value of the positive control as follows: PP = [ODCorr(Sample/NegativeControl)/ODCorr (Positive Control)] × 100 and interpretation of serum samples; PP interpretation <10 = negative and ≥10 = positive