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Economic impact of Przhevalskiana silenus infestation in native goats of Northern India


Economic losses incurred by Przhevalskiana silenus in goats of Jammu province of Jammu and Kashmir (North India) were assessed from July 2005 to June 2006. Abattoir studies revealed holes in hides for 112 days (mid-December 2005 to first week of April 2006) and trimming of carcass for 243 days (July 2005 to February 2006) during a lifecycle, leading to annual losses of Rs. 7,391,432 and Rs. 10,510,837, respectively. An effect on production traits (weight gain and milk) was assessed on naturally P. silenus-infested Beetal goats. The mean body weight loss of warbled goats was 2.40 kg (equal to 1.096 kg of meat, assuming 45.7% dressing percentage of goat) leading to an annual loss of Rs. 35,473,265. The mean milk yield loss per warbled goat per day was 101.7 g resulting in losses to the tune of Rs. 19,879,012. It can be concluded that P. silenus infestation resulted in an overall loss of Rs. 73,254,547, i.e. 73.26 million annually (equivalent to US $1.62 million; US $1 = Rs. 45.24), where reduced growth alone contributed 49% of the total losses. A study recommends that a control scheme against P. silenus infestation in goats using an effective insecticide should be followed to prevent huge economic losses in hide, milk and meat production. Economic losses associated with P. silenus infestation in goats were estimated for the first time from India.

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The authors are grateful to Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu, India for the encouragement and facilities provided. Thanks are also extended to the Commissioner Municipal Committee, Jammu, Dr. P. Bharti and other staff members of the Jammu slaughter house for their cooperation. We are also grateful to the farmers for their assistance in milk and weight recordings of goats at their farms.

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