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Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in Beetal goats

An Erratum to this article was published on 10 January 2012


Seroprevalence, clinical findings, and lesions of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) in Beetal goats were recorded during an outbreak. The overall seroprevalence of CCPP was 32.50%. Confirmation of Mycoplasma mycoides in serum was carried out using counter immunoelectrophoresis (CIE) technique. The highest CIE-positive cases were recorded in the older goats (51.72%) as compared to young ones. Nasal swabs collected from 39 goats showing respiratory signs were found positive for M. mycoides. The most consistent clinical findings were mild to severe cough, purulent nasal secretion, emaciation, dyspnea, increased respiration rate, and pyrexia. Mortality due to CCPP was 9.17%. Consolidation of lungs exhibited the highest frequency (100%), followed by alveolar exudation (90.90%) and pleural adhesion (72.72%). Among the microscopic lesions, septal peribronchiolar fibrosis exhibited the highest frequency (81.81%), followed by fibrinous pleuritis (63.63%) and peribronchiolar cuffing of mononuclear cells (54.54%) in lungs. From these results, it was concluded that CCPP under subtropical conditions has high prevalence in Beetal goats and leads to significant mortality.

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