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Goat pox virus isolated from an outbreak at Akola, Maharashtra (India) phylogenetically related to Chinese strain


In this study, we investigated a goat pox outbreak that occurred in an organized goat farm in a village named Yerenda near Akola, Maharashtra, India during 2007–2008. The outbreak involved in 175 goats including kids of local nondescript breeds with a morbidity, mortality, and case fatality rate, respectively, of 20%, 11.4%, and 60%. The goat pox virus (GTPV) antigen/nucleic acid in the clinical samples was detected by CIE and PCRs whereas virus-specific antibody was detected by using SNT and indirect ELISA. From classical clinical signs coupled with epidemiological details and various diagnostic assays, the causative agent of the outbreaks, GTPV was identified, successfully isolated in Vero cells and characterized. Further, sequence analysis of P32 envelope protein gene revealed that this isolate phylogenetically related closely to Chinese strain.

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Fig. 1



Goat pox virus


Counter immunoelectrophoresis


Serum neutralization test


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay


Polymerase chain reaction


Molecular evolutionary genetic analysis version 4


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The authors thank the Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute for providing all the necessary facilities to carry out this work and the staff of Poxvirus Disease Laboratory, IVRI, Mukteswar, for their valuable and timely help in carrying out this work. This study was supported by grants from Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India, under the All India Coordinated Project on the Taxonomy Capacity Building of Poxviruses.

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