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A retrospective survey of hydatidosis in livestock in Arusha, Tanzania, based on abattoir data during 2005 - 2007


A 3-year (2005–2007) retrospective study was carried out to investigate the occurrence of cystic echinococcosis (CE) in cattle and shoats (sheep and goats) slaughtered at Arusha municipal abattoir, Tanzania. A total of 115186 cattle and 99401 shoats were slaughtered. Cattle liver, lungs, spleen and heart condemnation rate was 16.35%, 13.04%, 2.09% and 3.06% respectively while 17.63%, 7.63%, 0.38% and 0.04% of shoats’ liver, lungs, spleen and heart respectively were condemned. A highly significant (p < 0.001) cystic echinococcosis (CE) infection rate was recorded in shoats (6.02%) than in cattle (4.2%) probably because of differences in grazing patterns. Cattle lungs were more affected by CE (22.5%) than liver (19.7%) while shoats liver were found to be more affacted (21%) than the lungs (19.3). A significant (p < 0.001) higher CE infection rate was observed in cattle spleen (15.5%) than shoats (9.7%). There was no significant (p > 0.05) difference between condemnation rates due to hydatidosis during rain and dry seasons probably because of chronicity of the disease. The study have established that CE is prevalent in animals slaughtered at Arusha abattoir and causes higher condemnation rates of edible offals. This merit for more extensive epidemiological investigations to better determine the prevalence, economic impact and public health importance of the disease in the region.

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The assistance of the meat inspection and abattoir staffs, especially Mr. Nambaya, Makale, Iddi and Manyama in collecting the data for this survey is greatly appreciated. We would like to thank Mrs. Happiness Mushi and the management of Arusha municipal abattoir for accepting to use the abattoir records as data for this paper. This study was supported by Sokoine University of Agriculture.

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