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Methodology to Characterize Rheology, Surface Forces and Friction of Confined Liquids at the Molecular Scale Using the ATLAS Apparatus


We present a methodology that allows one to identify the interfacial properties as a function of confinement. Rheology, viscosity as well as elasticity, in both directions (normal and tangential), and static and dynamic forces can be simultaneously measured in situ for the same set of surfaces/liquid as the confinement increases, from bulk (few μm) to highly confined (down to few 0.1 nm) regimes. The tribological behaviour of confined layers for steady-state and/or transient conditions can also be addressed.

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The authors are more than grateful to Serge Zara for technical assistance in electronic and Mickaël Sylvestre for developing new acquisition and processing software, PilotX and ExploiX, under C++. Olivier Haag is also thanked for his help in developing ExploiX. The authors are indebted to Dr. J.-L. Loubet for helpful discussions. Financial support was obtained from the Institut Carnot Ingénierie@Lyon, from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche via the project Confluence ANR-13-JS09-0016-01 and from the LabEx Sise-Manutech via the project Dysco.

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  • Dynamics of confined interfaces
  • Friction
  • Monolayers
  • Nanorheology
  • Nanotribology