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Silicone Rubber Adhesion and Sliding Friction

  • B. N. J. PerssonEmail author
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Using a Leonardo da Vinci experimental setup (constant driving force), I have studied the low-speed sliding friction for silicone rubber on a smooth polymer substrate. The friction force depends nonlinearly on the load, which I attribute to the influence of adhesion on the area of real contact. The experimental results are analyzed using the Persson’s contact mechanics theory, and the calculated dependency of the area of real contact on the load agrees very well with the experimental results.


Adhesion Contact mechanics Rubber friction 



I thank Boris Lorenz for the surface topography and viscoelastic modulus measurements. I thank Pfisterer Kontaktsysteme GmbH for supplying the materials used in this study and for support. This work was performed within a Reinhart-Koselleck project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). We would like to thank DFG for the project support under the reference German Research Foundation DFG-Grant: MU 1225/36-1. The research work was also supported by the DFG-Grant: PE 807/10-1. This work was supported in part by COST Action MP1303.


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