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Generation of mice with a conditional Stat1 null allele


Interferons (IFNs) are key cytokines in the innate immune response that also bridge the gap to adaptive immunity. Signaling upon stimulation by IFN type I, II and III is mediated by the Jak-Stat pathway. STAT1 is activated by all three IFN receptor complexes and absence of STAT1 from mice increases their susceptibility to pathogens. In addition, depending on the setting, STAT1 can act as tumor suppressor or oncogene. Here we report the generation and detailed functional characterization of a conditional Stat1 knockout mouse. We show the integrity of the conditional Stat1 locus and report successful in vivo deletion by means of a ubiquitous and a tissue-specific Cre recombinase. The conditional Stat1 null allele represents an important tool for identifying novel and cell-autonomous STAT1 functions in infection and cancer.

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This work was supported by grants from the Austrian Science Fund (SFB-F28) to M.M. and T.D., and from the Austrian Genome Research Programme GEN-AU II and III (Austromouse) to NRL, TR and MM. Biomodels Austria is an infrastructure project of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BM.W_Fa). We thank Kerstin Mair for assistance in cloning the targeting construct and Simone Müller for marker-assisted selection of mice used to establish a congenic strain. We are grateful to Claus Vogl for statistical support and to Graham Tebb and Birgit Strobl for critically reading the manuscript.

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