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A New Taxonomy of Persisting (Relativistic) Objects

  • Claudio CalosiEmail author
  • Vincenzo Fano


The paper presents a thorough exploration of the problem of persistence in a relativistic context. Using formal methods such as mereology, formal theories of location and the so called intrinsic formulation of special relativity we provide a new, more rigorous and more comprehensive taxonomy of persisting entities. This new taxonomy differs significantly from the ones that are present in the recent literature.


Persistence Mereology Location Minkowski Spacetime 



We are deeply grateful to Cody Gilmore, Yuri Balashov, Mark Hinchliff, Fred Muller, Dennis Dieks, Andrea Bottani, Giuliano Torrengo and Stefano Bordoni for their invaluable help in commenting and discussing the various drafts of the paper. We also want to thank an anonymous referee of this journal whose careful and insightful comments improved the paper greatly.


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