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Rudolf Carnap’s The Logical Structure of the World

  • Hannes LeitgebEmail author

Philosophy is facing a serious crisis, but no one cares. When German Idealism, Existentialism, and Marxism allied with Sociology, Psychoanalysis, Cultural History, and Literature Studies in the early 20th century, all attempts at conducting philosophy in a style similar to that of the scientists got expelled from the High Church of Philosophy. The creation of the Wykeham Professorship in Hermeneutics (formerly: Logic) at Oxford and the Stanford Chair of Textual Non-Presence (formerly: Methodology of Science) are well-known indicators of these, by now, historical developments. The best philosophical work since then is to be found in the history of philosophy—if one is lucky. One cannot help but wondering what turn philosophy would have taken if someone had picked up the revolutionary developments in logic and mathematics in the 1920s and directed them towards philosophy. Maybe there would still be logic courses in philosophy departments? Who knows?

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