Improvement of Low-Temperature Activity of FeBeta Monolith Catalyst in NH3-SCR of NOx


FeBeta||Mn–Ce/FeBeta catalyst was prepared by coating cordierite monolith with FeBeta zeolite followed by an impregnation of its downstream part by Mn–Ce solution. The resulting dual-zone catalyst demonstrates improved catalytic performance in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3 (NH3-SCR) as compared to the parent Fe-Beta. The catalyst exhibits 80–90% NOx conversion and 100% selectivity to N2 within wide temperature ranges: 180–500 °C (at GHSV = 18,000 h−1) and 260–500 °C (at GHSV = 54,000 h−1). Moreover, the dual-zone catalyst provides favorable NH3-slip removal efficiency even at NH3/NO = 1.60.

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Electron microscopy characterization was performed in the Department of Structural Studies of N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS, Moscow.

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Correspondence to Alexander Yu. Stakheev.

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Mytareva, A.I., Bokarev, D.A., Krivoruchenko, D.S. et al. Improvement of Low-Temperature Activity of FeBeta Monolith Catalyst in NH3-SCR of NOx. Top Catal 62, 86–92 (2019).

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  • Low-temperature NH3-SCR
  • NH3 oxidation
  • Honeycomb cordierite
  • Monolithic catalyst
  • FeBeta
  • Mn–Ce/FeBeta