Tin Dioxide as an Alternative to Platinum Promoter in Palladium-Catalyzed Wet Lean Methane Combustion


Tin dioxide was assessed as a substitute for part of platinum-group metals in a catalytic converter, and the activity of various Pd and PdPt catalysts was compared on conventional alumina support and SnO2 in wet lean methane combustion. Remarkably, Pd-only catalysts supported on SnO2 revealed higher activity compared with PdPt/Al2O3. The catalysts benefit from the strong metal-support interactions and high oxygen mobility in SnO2 with dual Sn4+/Sn2+ valency. SnO2 can thus be considered a potential replacement of Pt in a catalytic converter for a natural gas vehicle under lean burn conditions. This potentially decreases the price of the converter and eliminates the need for scarce and expensive Pt.

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Financial support from NSERC (Strategic Grants STPGP 430108-12 and STPGP 478979-15), CFI (Leaders’ Opportunity Fund, Grant 24766) is appreciated. We thank Dr. John Duke for NAA.

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  • Methane combustion
  • Water resistance
  • Deactivation
  • Tin dioxide
  • Palladium catalyst
  • Catalytic combustion