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Metathesis Reactions on Solid-Phase: Towards New Synthesis Challenges

  • Robert G. Franzen
Original Paper


Today there are many types of transition-metal-catalyzed carbon–carbon bond-forming reactions. Of these, the olefin metathesis has made possible a wide range of transformations with commercially available and easily handled catalysts. Olefin metathesis is widely considered as one of the most powerful synthetic tool in organic chemistry. During the last 20 years many new catalysts with excellent selectivity and efficiency have been developed, also to be used in solid phase organic chemistry protocols. The understanding of the mechanisms and interactions between the catalyst and substrate has resulted that an increasing number of research groups have employed these reactions in multistep procedures and in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and natural products. Although the olefin metathesis reaction still proceeds better in homogeneous phase, some structural modifications of the catalyst and new approaches for immobilization have provided interesting possibilities towards more efficient use also in heterogeneous phase. To celebrate 10 years since the Nobel Prize in Chemistry given to Yves Chauvin, Richard Schrock and Robert Grubbs for the “development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis” and to summarize recent results obtained in the field of solid phase metathesis chemistry this short review was written.


Olefin metathesis Heterogeneous catalysis Solid supported catalyst Carbon–carbon bonds 


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