Comparison of Pd–Ni–Mg/Ceria–Zirconia and Pt–Ni–Mg/Ceria–Zirconia Catalysts for Syngas Production via Low Temperature Reforming of Model Biogas


Low temperature dry reforming of methane was studied over (0.13–0.51 wt%) Pd and (0.16–0.64 wt%) Pt doped 1.4 wt%Ni–1.0 wt%Mg catalysts on a ceria–zirconia oxide support, as well as control catalysts containing Pt or Pd, but not Ni and Mg. Temperature-programmed reduction studies showed Pd catalysts having initial reduction peaks at lower temperatures compared to Pt catalysts. Reaction studies showed the lowest 10 % conversion of methane at 383 °C for the 0.13%Pd–1.39%Ni–1.0%Mg/(Ce0.6Zr0.4)O2 catalyst. The same catalyst also had the lowest 10 % conversion temperature (366 °C) for carbon dioxide. Syngas ratios (H2:CO) for Pd catalysts (0.24–0.41) were better than Pt catalysts (0.22–0.30) at 450 °C, however still not close to the stoichiometric ratio as a result of the RWGS reaction simultaneously occurring at the low operating temperatures studied. Turnover frequencies were calculated from steady-state reaction experiments done in the temperature range of 430–470 °C. Both catalysts’ TOFs increased with increasing temperature, however overall Pt catalysts had marginally higher TOFs (2.69–4.74 s−1) compared to Pd catalysts (2.40–4.58 s−1). Although both Pd and Pt catalysts had comparable activities and rates, the 0.13 %Pd–1.39 %Ni–1.0 %Mg/(Ce0.6Zr0.4)O2 catalyst was selected as the most promising one because of its higher H2:CO ratios, negligible changes during reaction as evidenced in post-reaction characterization, more basic sites that may decrease coking, and its lower cost.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge funding from Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and the Graduate Students Success Fellowship (to NHE) that is administered by the USF School of Graduate Studies.

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  • Syngas
  • Biomass conversion
  • Dry reforming
  • Low temperature
  • Pd
  • Pt
  • NiO
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  • (CeZr)O2