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Zinc-Accelerated Cycloaddition of Carbon Dioxide to Styrene Oxide Catalyzed by Pyrrolidinopyridinium Iodides

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The addition of ZnI2 drastically accelerated the cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to styrene oxide catalyzed by pyrrolidinopyridinium iodides. In the presence of ZnI2, the styrene carbonate yield reached up to 89 % in 7 h at 100 °C under 1 atm of CO2. The rate constant increased by greater than three-fold by the addition of ZnI2. Studies of reaction kinetics in addition to high resolution mass and NMR analysis demonstrated that the primary active species consists of two or more pyrrolidinopyridinium cations combined with ZnI4 2− anion.

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This work was supported by Advanced Catalytic Transformation program for Carbon utilization (ACT-C), a Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) (24686092), and The UBE Foundation. The authors thank Center for Advanced Materials Analysis (Suzukakedai), Technical Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology for high resolution mass analysis.

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Motokura, K., Itagaki, S., Iwasawa, Y. et al. Zinc-Accelerated Cycloaddition of Carbon Dioxide to Styrene Oxide Catalyzed by Pyrrolidinopyridinium Iodides. Top Catal 57, 953–959 (2014).

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